How to build relationships with your manager and colleagues?

Jan 31, 2021 Read on the blog

Let’s start with the key person at work – your boss. In order to understand how to build a relationship with him, think about who he is to you: friend, tyrant, inspirer, mentor, administrator? Or do you have your own concept?

Be that as it may, at different jobs the leader will have different roles – he can lead you and motivate you, or he can dryly distribute tasks. The main thing here is your attitude towards him, not his “image”. And we offer the following perception of the leader:

Your leader = your client

And since he is your client , then your task is to understand his pain and solve them.

The first step is to understand what is expected of you

To understand the “pains” of your boss, just ask him what he expects from you and what tasks he wants to solve with your help. Communication and open dialogue play an important role not only in personal relationships, but also in workers. In the first days of working in a new place, arrange a meeting with your boss and ask questions: “What results do you expect from me in general? At the end of the probationary period? In a year, etc.? ”.

Then there are two options for events – you either get a clear and clear picture, or remain completely confused about what you need to do.

If there is a clear picture, implement it.

If it is not there, then think about how you can get the information you need – after all, you are in the company for a reason! And someone expects some results from you. Who and what? – this is the question to which you need to find the answer. And here it is very likely that your vacancy was opened not at the request of your direct manager, but at the request of his boss. Or even another department. Try to get this information from the recruiter who interviewed you at the company. And then find that person and talk to him about his expectations of your work.

Step two is to understand if what is expected of me is possible

One of the main reasons you might not have a good relationship with your boss is your job. It may be a matter of quality, and then your task is to improve it, or it may be that you are not doing what your manager wants to see. Sometimes he speaks about it directly, sometimes he does not convey the idea. If you have the second option, you need to find out what you need in the end.

And then stop and see if you can implement these tasks. If the tasks are large and ambitious, then decide for yourself whether it is worth fighting and breaking the barricades or it is better to leave the company. Again, there is a third option – to come to an agreement.

The most important thing here is to clearly understand whether they give you achievable tasks and you can do them, or tasks outside your field of competence or even completely unattainable for a specialist of your level … If they are unattainable for you, is it worth trying to do the impossible? And what is more profitable for you – to make a super-effort and prove to everyone that you can or find a new job according to your strength?

Again, there is no right answer here. At this stage, you need to include awareness and choose the best solution for you (and only for you).

Life hack – if you understand that what is expected of you, is not entirely realizable by you, then ask your manager a question directly: “Could he, in your place, complete the task?”

If you see uncertainty, then it makes sense to leave. Probably, they will soon be looking for a new person in your place. If doable, then it makes sense to try.

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