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Внешний вид в новом коллективе

How to behave in a new team?

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New place of work? New company? Need to decide how to behave in a new team? Such questions arise quite often. According to many psychologists, each person can give their own impression of themselves to others, but not everyone knows how to do this. Let’s try to introduce ourselves to a new team.

How to introduce yourself to a new team?

Personal image is very important in many areas. If we take into account a new team, say, a worker, then the first feature is not to seem like an upstart or a beech.

An upstart is a person who immediately wants to stand out from the rest, despite, and sometimes not knowing about the merits of other people. A beech can be understood as a person who cannot or does not want to get in touch with others, keeping his own opinion about others in a negative sense.

как предствить себя в новом коллективе
When meeting employees for the first time, try to remember their names.

So, debut! It is worth noting that truly charismatic people do not lack friends. Such persons evoke sympathy immediately, and it does not matter how they look. Even Tolkien’s shorty “The Hobbit” with a certain charisma can win the interest of the team, leaving behind the most beautiful “Alain Delon”. That is, appearance is not important in this matter, but endurance and self-esteem are important.

How to join a new team?

Being yourself, as psychologists often advise, is not always important. Sometimes, and more often it manifests itself precisely in teams, one should adjust. An ordinary collective is a collection of people united by a certain idea or interest. A newcomer to such a collective is seen more as a victim than a friend.

That is why, when joining a new team, you need to make a first impression. it is very important. Perhaps it is worth accepting the rules of the “game” of the team for a certain time. The first rule is to listen! And just listen. It will be possible to express your opinion later, but at the first stage of joining the team, you must adhere to the listening rule.

Appearance in the new team.

Looking good is also an important factor. The team, as a certain unit of cohesion, will not accept a person who looks inappropriate for the company. For example, an economist must wear a suit, and a lawyer must also complement his appearance with a tie. However, for a designer, such a rule will not work, but you should also pay attention to your appearance and clothes.

Внешний вид в новом коллективе
Appearance is one of the most important things in a new team.

Don’t forget about personal contacts. By making a friend among the team, you increase your chances of being recognized, which will entail a general interest in your person. That is why you should not neglect new acquaintances, and, perhaps, you should be patient before expressing your point of view.

Patience will definitely turn into a plus and you will receive the recognition and respect you deserve in the new team.

Joining a team provides an excellent opportunity to express your “I”. Whether you are an aggressive leader or a passive performer, in any case, your merits will be noticed.

You will be appreciated and respected for the opinion that would not be listened to during the period of your adaptation. That is, when you were a simple “newbie” in the team. Just at this moment you will have the opportunity to fully realize yourself, express your opinion and realize your ambitions.

Tips on how to enter a new team.

  • Be punctual.
  • Be considerate of your colleagues.
  • Stick to established rules.
  • Study job responsibilities.
  • If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.
  • Avoid gossip and never discuss your previous job!
  • Pay attention to corporate events.

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