How to recognize a dishonest employer

Feb 9, 2021 Blog

When looking for a job, job seekers often come across offers from fraudulent employers. And there are really many such offers on the labor market. Every day, Rosrabot moderators are fighting unscrupulous employers who are trying to post their vacancies on the site. We are mercilessly blocking such vacancies. However, if in your search for work you use not only our resource, then this note will be useful to you.

So, what are the characteristics of dishonest employers?

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Read the ad text carefully. A fraudster can be recognized by the following features:

  1. Fraudulent employers often do not provide full contact information, company name, limiting themselves to the expressions “large”, “dynamic”, etc. Their vacancies do not contain any specific information about the job itself and responsibilities.
  2. The employer promises a lot of money for a simple job.
  3. The requirements for education and qualifications of the applicant are low. Fraudsters often write: “We are looking for without experience and special education, we will train on the spot” or “Consider students and retirees.”
  4. Any work schedule is offered, convenient for you.

Fraudsters most often choose the following professions: office managers, secretaries, executive assistants, recruitment managers, drivers, couriers, dispatchers, operators.

At the interview

  1. Before leaving for an interview, try to find out as much information as possible by phone. You should be alerted if the employer does not want to go into details and tell what the essence of the work is, enticing you to an interview.
  2. Research the company before heading to a meeting. Search the internet for reviews and information about the company.
  3. Assess the appearance of the office: are the workplaces equipped, how pleasant it is in the room, clean. Is there nothing from technology except phones? This is a clear sign of a fly-by-night firm.
  4. If an organization gathers a whole crowd of people and starts an interview with a conversation about success and a dream, do not waste your time, leave such a meeting.
  5. Fraudulent firms may ask you to pay for training or prepare your documents during interviews. Run from such a company! A normal employer will never demand money from an employee. You should be paid for your work, not you for your employment.
  6. Be careful if only at the stage of consideration of your candidacy you are asked to provide a copy of your passport. Do not, under any circumstances, submit your documents prior to the official hiring.

And remember, the goal of scammers is not to offer you a normal job, but to benefit from you. Be vigilant, attentive and careful – this will help you avoid deception. To find a job, choose trusted resources that monitor the quality of vacancies.

We wish you successful employment!

Author: Marina Bochkareva

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