What to present to your boss?

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Sometimes it seems easier to find a new job than to find a good present for your boss. So, what to give your boss? Immediately it seems like running around the shops in search of suitable ideas and convulsive worries about the appropriateness of one or another option. But don’t despair. There are many interesting and inexpensive gifts that you can safely present to your boss.

In order to adequately congratulate your boss, you should follow several general principles. Let’s consider them.
It is better to make a gift on behalf of the whole team. If the initiative comes from one employee, this can be regarded as a sycophant.

Don’t forget about the chain of command. Even if you have friendly relations with your boss, remember that you are in the workplace, do not forget about the status of the gifted. Sincerity and kindness. All simulated congratulations can ruin the experience even of a very good gift.

Be careful with “personal” gifts. Jewelery, perfumery, furniture, clothing, food and drink – all of this is the case if you are familiar with your boss’s tastes. It is better not to take risks and give such things only by prior consent.

Inappropriate creative. A pen packed in ten boxes, a navel brush and other “cool” gifts are popular with a very small circle of people. And even less like them when they are presented as the main gift.

Don’t overdo it with decoration. Sometimes it is better to give a good thing in its original packaging than to wrap it in a large amount of colorful paper.

What can you give to a woman boss?

Women at the head of the team meet more and more often. They are generally hardworking, responsible and caring for their subordinates. To express gratitude for their efforts, it is enough to give an inexpensive but elegant gift to the boss – a woman.

This can be:

  • Wall or table clock;
  • A picture that will fit into the interior of the office;
  • Perpetual calendar – a good alternative to paper options;
  • Elite office gifts;
  • Personal coffee machine or teapot;
  • Bonsai, potted trees or flowers, florarium;
  • A tabletop rock garden is a great way to relax;
  • Exclusive coffee, tea, chocolate;
  • Miniature sculpture;
  • Gift certificate to a cosmetics or perfumery store;
  • Gift-impression. This can be a visit to the spa, tickets to the theater or a master class;
  • Decorative fountain. Desktop versions will refresh the work atmosphere;
  • Jewelry box, safe;
  • Expensive wine or liquor;
  • Desktop weather station.

Don’t forget the flowers. As a beautiful gesture, a simple and elegant bouquet is suitable, which she can easily take home or decorate her table with. Massive compositions and an abundance of decorations are not appropriate here.

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A gift for a boss – a man.

Such a gift should emphasize the status of the person being gifted. A good option would be to give your boss, a man, something useful and functional. Or make a choice in favor of vivid impressions and new experiences. If your boss has a hobby, give him a new gadget for your favorite hobby.

For gift ideas:

  • Minibar;
  • Home brewery;
  • Mini golf, darts and other activities that will help you relax during the day;
  • Electric fireplace, bio fireplace or mini fountain;
  • Expensive alcohol ;
  • Gift set for barbecue or barbecue;
  • Wine sets with engraving;
  • Newton’s pendulum, puzzle games, sundial;
  • Attendance at a master class or training course;
  • USB flash drive with a combination lock;
  • Model of a ship, tank, plane;
  • Subscription edition, leather-bound book;
  • A set for poker;
  • A hammock for legs, a table crush-anti-stress, so that the boss is always in a good mood;
  • Gadgets. It can be a keyboard vacuum cleaner or a camera – electronic devices always look great.

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Giving gifts is no less pleasant than receiving them. Don’t be afraid to express gratitude for your teamwork. Will you do it in the form of an uncomplicated trinket or an expensive gift, it’s up to you. Perhaps it is your present that will delight the boss and serve as a good help for new professional achievements.

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