How to join the team?

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Almost all young people starting their careers in a profession and not quite, are equally concerned about the question: how to join a team of colleagues? After all, a team is a society. Society always presupposes communication. Man, of course, is a rational and social being, but in terms of communication, each of us experiences certain difficulties.

Someone finds it difficult to start a conversation, to maintain a conversation at a certain level, and someone suffers from excessive shyness.
It’s no secret that now there is such a thing as “social phobia” or, in simpler terms, social fear … This is a person’s fear of being in society, among other people. Since he is completely dependent on the surrounding opinion, the reaction to his existence.

Complexes and mental disorders that are not dangerous for society in us are formed by the society itself, that is, the people around us, by their behavior. Not always ideal from a pedagogical point of view. Ever since school, we have been guided by the opinion of the collective. Rarely does anyone manage to go against the tide.

And then suddenly the priorities in life change: university, family, work.
Yes, but work still needs to be found. And when you find it, you need to be able to stay on it at first.

Tips on how to join a new team.

Let’s look at a few tips on how to better build your own behavior in different teams.

So, your colleagues are generally much older than you. In this case, it is better to initially choose a conservative communication style. These are classic clothes (depending on the nature of the job, of course), respectful attitude (polite tone, listen to those who are already gurus of their position). It’s better not to open up right away.

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In the ensuing conversation, you should not lay out everything. Also refrain from talking about how you spend your free time in clubs, etc. It’s no secret that the older generation, burdened with family and everyday life, prefers to spend time at the dacha with a barbecue. Or fishing, hunting, generally watching TV on the couch. Although, if your hobby is something like this, then you already have something in common and you have a chance to work with the team.

Separately, it is worth considering such a bad feature as sharing alcohol with the team. Here it is impossible to argue about positive or negative consequences for the reputation, especially of a young employee.

The second case is that your colleagues are practically your peers. Then it’s a little easier. After all, you have approximately the same interests, slang, values. But there can be difficulties: brand loyalty, excessive pomp, bragging, the habit of establishing itself at the expense of weaker others.

Here it is also better to start with conservative behavior, diluting it with youthful ease. Then go with the flow. Carry out your duties calmly, take an interest in the experience of colleagues, consult with your boss.

The most important advice: regardless of the established personal relationships with colleagues and management, always observe ethical behavior and do not forget about insidious subordination!

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