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Undiscovered Sudden death cleaning service
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Our trained staff can go anywhere, at any time to clear buildings and/or open sites, void or empty properties

Experienced in safely dealing with hazardous waste

What it is a bio-hazard?

  • Chemical spillages
  • Needle, blood or faeces contact
  • Dead animals
  • Murder/suicide scene or the cleaning processes required following an unexpected death

Bio-hazard waste removal and chemical bio-hazard cleaning require the services of a specialist contractor as the tasks involved are extremely complex and the job is potentially dangerous. Furthermore, it is important that the job is done correctly if the risk of adverse after-effects is to be fully mitigated.

If you are looking for expertise in property services such as waste disposal, site clearance, bio-hazard removal then we are the business that can assist. We have a multi-agency approach and can work closely with numerous agencies and partners.

One of the sad aspects of modern life is that, on rare occasions, someone dies in the UK and lies undiscovered for days, weeks, or even months. The eventual discovery of the body can be an extremely distressing event and the Police and local authorities are looked upon to investigate the circumstances and inform next-of-kin. The task of removing the human remains can sometimes be an unpleasant task due to the advanced state of decomposition and is therefore an undertaking that should be carried out by experienced personnel.

Using a variety of techniques we can deep clean the scene of the sudden death and, if necessary, replace or restore elements of the building’s fabric so that the property can be re-occupied, safe in the knowledge that full decontamination has taken place and that no trace of the tragic events that occurred in the past remain.